About Ahmad Bazzi – The Algorithmic Chef

This will be a very informal biography.

I am Ahmad Bazzi, Algorithm and Signal Processing Team Leader at CEVA-DSP and a YouTube instructor. In 2018, I completed my PhD in statistical signal processing at EURECOM under the supervision of Prof. Dirk Slock and Dr. Lisa Meilhac funded through scholarship by France’s ANRT CIFRE program. Prior to my doctorate degree, my MSc and BS – both in Electrical and Computer Engineering were obtained from CentraleSupelec and Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering.

I like creating, innovating and putting my all in next generation technologies, i.e. 802.11be/ax/ac, BlueTooth and other wireless technologies. You can find my related patents herein.

Since I currently have little involvement in academia, I will not list an exhaustive list of my publications. Instead, you can find most of my publications on Google Scholar.

The other side of my work is spreading knowledge around algorithms – as in why they’re done the way they are, where they came from, and most importantly how to drive intuition in understanding algorithms so as to create our own. Algorithms come with recipes and part of my mission is to make these recipes accessible to anyone.

My YouTube channel started with emphasis on one important recipe that is convex optimization. The channel had started mainly due to many requests during my activity on math stackexchange. I am highly inspired by Stephen Boyd‘s work. I saw my videos being shared all over the place, which then gave me more passion to proceed my journey on YouTube.

If you’re still reading, just know that you can change the world and enable a better and smarter world through algorithms.

Here’s all my social media accounts reaching 400K+ members summed up all together.

I also attach some photos ^^

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