Socket Programming

In this lecture, you will learn python socket programming. We’ll start off with what python socket programming is. Then we’ll discuss how TCP (vs UDP) works. Next off, we’ll see how to write a client server program in python. Some failure cases are also discussed such as connection to python debugger failed socket closed and echo/ping cases. The outline of this lecture is as follows:

00:00 Intro
00:56 What is Socket Programming ?
04:05 TCP: Transmission Control Protocol
07:10 TCP Socket Flow
10:43 Python Socket: Connecting to an Existing Server
16:13 Creating a python echo server
20:40 Creating a python client
23:40 Connecting multiple clients
23:52 Outro

Ahmad Bazzi

Ahmad Bazzi is an Electrical Engineer and YouTuber. Ahmad Bazzi is a signal processing engineer at CEVA DSP. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from EURECOM. Ahmad Bazzi is a EURECOM alumni. Ahmad Bazzi obtained his Master studies (Summa Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering at SUPELEC, Paris. Ahmad Bazzi has many publications in well-known IEEE conferences, including a nomination award and is a co-inventor in several patents. Ahmad Bazzi dedicates time to publish high level lectures on Mathematics (including convex optimization) and Programming. Ahmad Bazzi also focuses on Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Linear Algebra, Python, SymPy, NumPy, Pandas, CVXOPT, MATLAB, C++ for firmware systems.

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