Python Programming

Python Programming in one video

In this Python Programming Tutorial, we will be learning how to set up a Python development environment in IntelliJ IDEA on a Macbook. IntelliJ IDEA is a very nice free editor for writing Python applications. In this video, we will learn all the basics, tips and tricks, as well as advanced topics to get you started with Python. In particular, we talk about different variable types from lists, sets, arrays, tuples, dictionaries to strings. We also deal with casting and its importance when converting one variable data type to another. Operators, assignments, conditionals, and Boolean operators are also important for a logical flow of a python program. We deal with an important programming concept, that is loops, which could be achieved using for and while looping. Moving forward, we handle different types of functions for various applications. For example, we talk about recursive functions for memory management as well as lambda expressions for mathematical usages. From an object oriented perspective, we introduce classes in a python environment. Modules will also be discussed. Taking a step further, we will deal with complex data structures that forms the language of the internet, namely JSONs. Error handling is essential when trying out blocks that we are not so sure about, and that is why we have dedicated a section for the try-except-finally flow. Lastly, we talk about FileIO. We have a lot to cover, so let’s go ahead and get started…

Timestamps for topics in this tutorial:
00:00:00 Hello World
00:00:20 Indentation
00:01:15 Commenting
00:01:30 Variables
00:02:20 The Type Function
00:02:36 Numbers
00:03:30 Casting
00:05:28 Strings
00:10:49 Operators
00:13:28 Assignments
00:15:33 Boolean (Logical) Operators
00:18:30 Arrays
00:20:10 Lists
00:26:48 Tuples
00:29:01 Sets
00:32:53 Dictionaries
00:39:43 Conditionals (If-else-elif)
00:44:51 Looping
00:45:08 While Loops
00:46:08 For Loops
00:48:19 Functions
00:53:25 Recursive Functions
00:55:16 Lambda Expressions
00:58:36 Classes
01:02:09 The init function
01:10:07 Modules
01:14:19 Dates
01:19:37 JSON
01:26:22 Error Handling (try-except-finally)
01:29:10 FileIO