Pandas Programming

Pandas Python Programming in one video

This lecture provides everything you need to know on Pandas Programming. I use one of my favorite environments, that is Google’s Jupyter notebook. It’s very easy to use and I’m sure you will love it. This lecture deals with Pandas DataFrames, Multidimensional Hierarchical Indexing, Boolean Operations on DataFrames, Aggregate Functions, Extracting unique values, Removing Rows/Columns from DataFrames, Data IO, CSV IO, EXCEL IO, HTML IO, Visualization and Plotting, 2D Plotting, Histogram Plotting, Boxplots, and Areaplots.

Timestamps of this lecture are:
00:00:00 Intro
00:06:14 Setup
00:10:07 Series
00:15:50 Declaring DataFrames
00:20:25 Reading and Writing from/to DataFrames
00:23:48 Multidimensional Hierarchical Indexing
00:29:25 Boolean Operations on DataFrames
00:33:12 Aggregate Functions
00:43:17 Concatenating DataFrames
00:46:22 Merging DataFrames
00:48:59 Extracting unique values
00:52:09 Applying Functions to DataFrames
00:55:00 Removing Rows/Columns from DataFrames
00:57:45 Data IO
00:58:22 CSV IO
01:00:24 EXCEL IO
01:02:00 HTML IO
01:04:53 Visualization and Plotting
01:06:26 2D Plotting
01:12:11 Histogram Plotting
01:15:36 Boxplots
01:16:44 Areaplots